Flower Essence Consultations

Appointments available to clients in the United States

Flower Essences, a form of Energy Medicine, are a magnificent way to help you to heal. At Natures of Light you can experience this 100% safe, non interactive, all natural healing assistance service. Diluted to such a degree that only their vibrational energy remains, they are so safe even children can receive them. Flower Essences, are a simple yet elegant way to restore balance to the whole person. They assist your body to make use of its natural abilities to combat ill health that can happen physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.Flower Essences

The flowers are made by either infusing the flower in sunlight and spring water or by boiling them in spring water. The flower is removed from the water, leaving only its vibrational imprint. The flower infused water is then added to a preserving alcohol, usually brandy, and is a non active ingredient diluted greatly through the mixing process by the time the client receives it. Your practitioner then receives the stock bottles from various certified Flower Essence companies and then mixes individual remedies from those flower stock bottles with spring water.

Heather uses several highly regarded companies to procure Flower Essences from including, Bach Flowers (the original creator of Flower Essences), Pacific Essences, La Vie de la Rose, and Green Hope Farm Flower Remedies.

Heather will guide you in a Flower Essence Consultation with occasional revisits (usually every 3 weeks for 3 months). During your session you get to discuss where you are presently in life, what is ailing you, what you feel you need the most help with, and what your goals are. You will get an individualized Flower Essence Remedy mixed from the stock bottles with spring water. Your personalized remedy will address the areas you are seeking improvement in by working on an energetic level unblocking stuck energy that causes distresses in daily lives. Very subtle yet overall powerful, natural changes will occur as you are ready to move forward.

On your revisits you will discuss your improvements and where you still may feel stuck. You will then receive a new Flower Essence Remedy to support you in the present time. You may receive the same flowers or a new combination of Flowers. You will soon discover how much easier and smoother you can move through life. Flower Essences in their subtleness are very empowering because they work with the health of your emotions and assist you to awaken how to heal yourself from within. Our emotions are the foundation of who each of us are. They govern everything from the health of our physical bodies, our mental process, to our individuality.

“Nor need any case despair, however severe, for the fact that the individual is still granted physical life indicates the Soul who rules is not without hope”. ~ Dr. Edward Bach