Integrated Energy Therapy®

Available in person or as distance healing sessions

Welcome to the Angelic Guidance of Integrated Energy Therapy®.

Do you want to greaten your own healing abilities? This is something we are all capable of doing. Are you ready to take your healing to the next level? If you are reading this, I bet you are!

IET is a safe energy healing technique that assists you with an opportunity to experience a greater ability to be open to the natural cycles of your life. IET is practiced through incorporating your loving intention and connecting to guidance from the Angelic Realm.

Your IET session will be facilitated through healing touch along various energy centers of your body that correlate to your organ systems and points along the same Meridian System found in Chinese Medicine. IET allows you to access deeper levels within your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies (your whole self) and can give you the opportunity to free yourself of unwanted, deep seated patterns that may keep you from achieving your greatest wellness and healthiest desires.

You know you are ready to receive IET if you are aware there is an expression within yourself that feels stuck. This may include being aware of a calling that you feel or a path forward you'd like to embark on in your life but just can't seem to get started along. IET will help you open to this journey in a clearer and more defined way.

Meet the Healing Angels of the IET Energy field: